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Site Owl - Caroline Holmes website

Caroline got in touch at a time she was re-evaluating her entire business. She was also relocating and closing her lovely shop in Kilbarchan, Scotland. Her old website had layers and layers of content, sometimes overlapping and repeating what had already been said. So the main objective with creating a brand new website was to completely overhaul the existing content and simplify what Caroline was offering.

Site Owl: Caroline Holmes Website

As we worked on new text and a site structure, it became apparent that most of the images that Caroline had of her work had been taken using a mobile phone. Although that's not always a bad thing, they were very inconsistent in quality. Having very good images of Caroline's work was a top priority as that's what potential customers would see first and ensure they got in touch. Fortunately, a lot of photographers were willing to supply professionally taken images of Caroline's flowers and it's those images that you'll see on the new website.

Site Owl: Caroline Holmes website

Strong imagery is the main thing you might notice when looking at Caroline's website. This is to create a strong first impression to potential customers, something that has the wow factor and sets Caroline apart from her competitors.

Site Owl: Caroline Holmes website

I also introduced the idea of creating some emotive wording to work alongside the imagery used. I wanted people to visit the website and be completely immersed in the beauty of the flowers and of the occasions for which they were created for. The home page introduces small captions such as 'Ever since I met you', 'In Your Arms', 'The Beginning of Forever' and 'You and Me Always'.