Site Owl: Be in control of your web content

Your website is a crucial marketing tool

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Having a new website built can be an exciting journey. But there's not much point building one only to then leave it to gather dust.

Your website should act as a marketing tool and used frequently. By updating it and making changes regularly, search engines will know that you've made those changes and make sure your potential clients find you. A blog can be really useful for this as you're essentially providing fresh content and the likes of Google want to put that in front of the people searching for it. A calendar can also help if you're posting lots of new events. These are great ways of updating your website on a regular basis, even if it's once a week or every fortnight.

Make sure you're website is a part of your business alongside your social channels such as Facebook and Instagram. You are 100% in control of your website so you should always drive people to the content on there. Facebook and Instagram could disappear overnight and you will have lost everything you have posted, so be in full control of your content. Social media are simply tools to point people in the right direction.

At Site Owl, I can help you develop your content so you can tell a story about your business. Even if you don't think you have anything to say, I bet there are some nuggets of information that want to be told.